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EZTV's .it Domain Taken Over by 'Scammers'

Posted by: , 12:55 AEDT, Fri March 20, 2015

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A warning to those that use the TV torrent download site - beware of the domain name you use!
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Users are being warned not to use popular TV torrent site EZTV's Italian based domain name, as it appears to have been taken over by people unrelated to the site.

EZTV's .it domain name was seized by Italian authorities earlier this year, promoting the TV show torrent site to move the Swiss based .ch domain name. Unbeknownst to EZTV, Italian authorities subsequently put the original domain name back on the market for sale, and another company only known as EZCLOUD LIMITED secured the domain name via a domain snapback service (which helps people secure recently expired domain names).

The new owners of the .it domain name has, for now at least, pointed the domain name back to the real EZTV's own servers, although users are still reporting problems accessing the site via the now unofficial domain name. Problems include being able to access other user's accounts, which suggests an issue with session or cookie information.

The problem has been compounded by the fact that the official .ch website has been down recently, ensuring many are still using the .it domain name. While the unofficial domain name is currently pointing to the real site, the potential danger is that traffic could be hijacked sometime in the future, allowing the new owners to capture passwords, or to seed the site with malware.

As a result, users are urged to avoid using the .it domain name.


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