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The Pirate Bay's Secret Code Revealed

Posted by: , 14:33 AEDT, Sun January 18, 2015

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The Pirate Bay's encrypted code cracked, revealing vital clue to the future of the world's largest piracy website
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The Pirate Bay homepage's secret message has been decrypted, and it links to a YouTube video that answers the most important question in regards to the future of the website.

Ever since The Pirate Bay came back online as a single page website, complete with a short looping video of a pirate flag and a countdown timer, most of the attention has been placed on a string of what seems to be random text. A closer look at the text, and particular the name of the image file for the text, suggests that the random text is not so random at all, but an encrypted piece of content, most likely encrypted using the AES standard.

Code crackers from around the world started doing their thing, but Reddit user "dafky2000" was the first to uncrack the code.

And just what secrets did the code contain? While the actual content that it links to, a publicly available YouTube video, may seem to be somewhat anti-climatic, but the real message is in the question that the video might be trying to answer. The YouTube video, a super cut of Arnold Schwarzenegger's signature line "I'll Be Back", might be the biggest clue yet as to the future of the world's most popular piracy website.

The key to unlocking the code was actually shown in plain text in the HTML source code for the page, with the superfluous code "<div class="key lowercase"><p>WeAreTPB</p></div>" providing the crucial clue (that the key was the lowercase version of "WeAreTPB"). 

So if the encrypted message, the YouTube video, and the countdown timer are all to be believed, then The Pirate Bay will be coming back on the 1st of February. Time will tell if the secret message proves to be true.


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