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Denuvo, 'Uncrackable' DRM for DRM, Possibly Cracked

Posted by: , 12:33 AEDT, Sun December 7, 2014

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Much hated Denuvo anti-tampering system for PC games may have been cracked
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A Chinese release group may have cracked what was once thought to be uncrackable. The group, 3DM, claims to have broken the Denuvo copyright protection system used for PC games like FIFA 15, Lords of the Fallen and Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Unlike traditional gaming DRM, Denuvo aims not to protect the game's content from piracy, but to protect the game's existing DRM from tampering. It is essentially a DRM for DRM, which uses a 64-bit encryption machine to prevent tampering of the game's existing DRM anti-copy system.

While no working "crack" exists yet for Denuvo, 3DM says that work on the "uncrackable" system, which has been uncracked for months (a relatively long time for any copy protection system), took "only" 15 days and that further tweaking will be needed before full information on the crack is released.

Denuvo has been controversial since it was used in a series of high profiles releases. Many users complained that the system used additional resources that would otherwise have been devoted to the actual game, thus making gaming performance worse.

There were also reports that the Denuvo implementation for the game 'Lords of the Fallen' was causing unnecessary wear and tear and even damage to SSD drives, due to the constant re-write of certain files. These reports were later proven to the false, with Denuvo being ruled out as the source of the excessive file re-writing.


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