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Sweden First to Reach Milestone, as Digital Video Sales Eclipse Physical

Posted by: , 23:03 AEST, Thu July 3, 2014

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Digital video revenue to surpass that of physical media for the first time ever, as Sweden gives us a glimpse of the future of home entertainment
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Image/Photo Credit: Compact Discs by Petr Kratochvil

Analysts predict that Sweden will be the first country where digital video sales will overtake sales of physical packaged media.

Sweden's superior Internet infrastructure and connected device penetration will see the country's users choose digital over discs, when the 2014 sales data is compiled, says a Futuresource Consulting study.

Netflix is seen as the main catalyst behind the adoption of digital services, with the company's low priced services a hit for Swedish consumers.

The rise of digital will come at the expense of physical media, unfortunately, with spending on discs already down 24% from 2012 to 2013.

Futuresource predicts that digital spending will account for €153 million ($209 million) in 2014, compared to €146 million ($199 million) for packaged media. Subscription TV will most likely remain steady, with little or no growth, as users transition to services like Netflix.

The digital transition trend has already been seen for music sales, with 75% of music sales now being in digital form, compared to just 25% two years ago.


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