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GOG Launching DRM-Free Steam Competitor

Posted by: , 16:15 AEST, Wed June 11, 2014
Tags: DRM, Gaming, GOG

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GOG will launch its optional Steam competitor, aiming to bring all the features that gamers love about Steam, but also staying true to their DRM-free philosophy
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DRM champions is launching a new PC gaming platform to rival the popular Steam platform, but one that will only host DRM-free games.

Named GOG Galaxy, the new, but optional platform will bring with it a suite of features that Steam gamers will have known and loved, including achievements, automatic updates of games and social functions such as chatting.

But to further promote the concept of DRM-free, GOG Galaxy games will not require Internet activation or authentication, and instead, can all be played offline at any time with no restrictions. introduced GOG Galaxy via a YouTube video, which explains the principles behind the GOG Galaxy service even if it lack some concrete details, such as what the tool will look like.

A launch date for GOG Galaxy has not been provided.


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