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Watch Dogs DRM Issues Brings Back Bad Memories For Ubisoft

Posted by: , 21:22 AEST, Sat May 31, 2014

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Ubisoft suffers another DRM disaster, with launch of much-hyped 'Watch Dogs' game marred by DRM troubles for PC users
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Image/Photo Credit: Ubisoft

Just when Ubisoft think they have moved away from their previous bad reputation in regards to DRM, they have yet again involved themselves in a DRM controversy, this time for their major title of 2014.

Ubisoft, previously synonymous with gamer pet-peeve "always-on DRM", has seen the launch of their eagerly anticipated game 'Watch Dogs' marred by more DRM issues.

While 'Watch Dogs' does not employ always-on DRM, and the game features an offline mode, it also requires users to log into Ubisoft's Uplay gaming service to authenticate their PC copy. Unfortunately, and as has been the case too often these days, the rush of gamers to play on launch day brought down the Uplay authentication system and nobody ended up being able to play.

Ubisoft has since apologized for the downtime, but gamers were left frustrated yet again, left unable to play a game they pre-ordered at full cost.

The Uplay troubles may also be affecting Xbox and PlayStation users, and those not even playing Watch Dogs, as other Ubisoft games also feature integration with Uplay services.

While this latest trouble is slightly less to do with DRM, and more to do with poor resource allocation and planning, the end result is the same: frustrated gamers!


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