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Ubisoft Hacked: User Emails, Encrypted Passwords Stolen

Posted by: , 13:28 AEST, Wed July 3, 2013

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Ubisoft account information have been exposed by hackers, with the gaming publisher urging users to change passwords immediately
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French based gaming firm Ubisoft is the latest company to fall victim to hackers, as the company announced that user names, emails, encrypted passwords and other personal information have been accessed illegally. Credit card and other payment information have not been stolen.

While passwords have been accessed, these passwords were stored in an encrypted manner and complex passwords cannot be trivially decrypted.

Affected users have been contacted via email and have been asked to reset their password. It is also advised that if users used the same password on other website, that they change those passwords as well.

No motives are apparent in this latest security breach. Ubisoft's website was hacked back in 2010 as well, as part of a protest over the company's use of "always-on" DRM.


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