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Our New Game: Protesting Inappropriate Copyright Damages

Posted by: , 13:54 AEDT, Thu March 21, 2013

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Introducing our new Android/iOS apptivism game, Pirate This!, that takes a mocking look at the copyright statutory damages system
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We've tried to bring you the latest news and opinions on the most contentious copyright issues through news, our blog, and our newsletter, but we're now using a new medium to get the word out: gaming!

Introducing our new mobile gaming app: Pirate This!

Pirate This! Screenshot #1Available for both Android (on both Google Play and Amazon Appstore) and iOS devices, Pirate This! is a short game (30 levels) that mocks the highly controversial copyright statutory damages system, where single mothers and college students can be fined hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions, for simply downloading music, movies and games from the Internet.

Pirate This! Screenshot #1The game features a simple and unique arcade style gameplay that anyone can master, as you play the role of web pirate intent on doing as much damage to the music, movie and gaming industry as possible, via downloading and uploading works valued at up a ridiculous $150,000 each.

Notch up damages in increasingly difficult levels, and enhance your progress via power-ups, and see your pirate notoriety ranking rise.

Get the game today and see if you have what it takes to bankrupt the world, one download at a time!


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