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Finnish Netflix Accidentally Used Pirated Subtitles

Posted by: , 18:46 AEDT, Wed October 24, 2012

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The Finnish version of Netflix accidentally uses pirated subtitles for the sci-fi TV series Andromeda
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The Finnish version of Netflix has managed to create a minor piracy controversy when users discovered that the subtitles used for the sci-fi series Andromeda, and possibly other shows as well, were actually fan-created "pirated" versions.

Viewers were easily able to tell they were pirated due to the subtitles themselves displaying a credit for fansub site DivX Finland.

Fan created subtitles are popular for those that pirate videos or purchase content that may not have official translated subs available. As is often the case, the "piracy" scene creates solutions to problems that seem to be ignored by official channels.

But with fan subtitles sites often coming under fire from rights holders due to copyright issues, this incident ironically turns the copyright tables all the way around. DivX Finland for their part enjoyed being on the other side of the table, posting on Twitter "It's nice to see that the texts are used, but they did not ask permission".

Netflix Finland were less amused. They have since removed the entire series from their services, and have launched an internal investigation to find out just how did pirated subs get added to their system. "We have removed the series from Netflix pending the investigation. We are a legitimate service and pay a lot of money for the TV programs and movies on Netflix, including subtitles," Netflix told TorrentFreak in a statement.


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