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Ubisoft Does It Again, Ships Games Without Activation Code

Posted by: , 12:54 AEDT, Mon October 22, 2012

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Ubisoft's latest anti-piracy mishap sees the company forget to ship boxed games with CD key for the game Rocksmith,
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Yet another of Ubisoft's anti-piracy efforts has turned around and become an anti-Ubisoft one, as PC gamers of the heavily anticipated music game, Rocksmith, were left high and dry after a batch of discs were released without the required CD keys.

Without a valid CD key, the game cannot be activated, and gamers were left with a completely useless retail package. Worst of all, Ubisoft failed to provide a timely solution to the problem, and the eventual solution they came up with still requires gamers to fill in a form send in a copy of their purchase receipt.

Ubisoft have tried hard to move away from its anti-piracy policy controversies, but it seems these controversies refuse to distance themselves from Ubisoft.

For their troubles, Ubisoft have promised to provide affected customers with a free DLC for the game titled "Guitarcade timesaver", worth $2.99 on Steam, and have promised affected customers that once they go through the steps outlined, they should receive their CD keys in short order.


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