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Wii U Release Date November 18th?

Posted by: , 13:22 AEST, Mon September 3, 2012

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Rep for Wii U accessory maker accidentally let loose the release date of the Wii U as November 18
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Gaming accessory maker PDP may have inadvertently leaked the release date of Nintendo's next-generation console, the Wii U. A PDP rep accidentally let loose the release date of the Wii U at the GameStop Manager event, when the rep casually mentioned that PDP's Wii U accessories would be launched just before the Wii U's launch date of November 18.

The November 18 date is the last Sunday before the manic Black Friday sales, a good date to choose if Nintendo wanted to take advantage of the sales frenzy. The fact that the launch date is on Sunday also makes sense considering Nintendo's most recent planned launches, the Nintendo 3DS XL, which was also launched on a Sunday.

When further questioned, PDP and Nintendo both declined to confirm or deny the November 18 release date.

Nintendo's Wii U will feature much improved processing hardware that allows it to at least compete with the Xbox 360 and PS3, if not surpass it (depending on which Wii U game developers you talk to). The console features an oversized controller that also acts as a mini touch-screen tablet devices to be able to interact with the console, or to be used a standalone device. Unlike the original Wii, the Wii U is also set to feature more "hardcore" and multi-platform titles, games like the Call of Duty series, titles that could not be ported over to the original Wii due to its lack of processing power. While featuring a optical disc format that's similar in capacity and technology to Blu-ray, the Wii U appears unable to play Blu-ray, or even DVD, movies.

There are also rumours that the sales price will be an attractive $199.

The Wii U's official launch event will occur in New York City on September 13, where Nintendo will formally announce the street date, as well as the sales price, for their console.


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