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Louis CK is Back At It Again, This Time Releasing DRM Free Audio-Only Show

Posted by: , 23:48 AEST, Sat May 12, 2012

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Comedian Louis CK releases more of his shows, in DRM-free format, hoping to prove yet again that DRM really is quite useless
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Image/Photo Credit: baughj @ Flickr

Louis CK may not be the first name you think of when thinking about the crusade against DRM, but oddly enough, he may have been the most successful so far. Last year, the comedian (CK to his friends, and people who are lazy at typing) released one of his live shows for $5, in a no fuss, DRM free, download as many copies as you want, format, and it was a huge success, generating over $1 million in revenue in just a few weeks.

With less fanfare, Louis has just released the audio-only version of his HBO special, Shameless, as well as the audio version of an older Carnegie Hall show he performed in 2010. The price point is still at $5, and it's still DRM free.

With HBO catching a bit of flak over copyright issues, specifically with Game of Thrones officially one of the most pirated shows ever, it was interesting to hear Louis, via an email sent out to buyers of his first DRM-free show, praise HBO for allowing the release of Shamless on the comedian's own website, and in the only way he prefers: without DRM!

So it's time again, for those rallying against DRM, and in need of a bit of good comedy, to put their money where their mouth is and splurge a whole $5 on Louis' latest old stuff.


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