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UltraViolet Gets More Backers, May Lose One

Posted by: , 18:54 AEDT, Wed January 11, 2012
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Samsung and Amazon jump on the UltraViolet bandwagon, while Netflix may be going the other way

Samsung will release a Blu-ray player that allows users to "upload" their DVDs and Blu-rays to the UltraViolet cloud, the company announced at the CES.

Samsung's "Disc to Digital" feature will scan discs inserted to its range of supporting Blu-ray players, and match it with an UltraViolet equivalent "in the cloud". Samsung equipment supporting Flixster will then be able to view the movie without needing the original disc.

The Warner Bros. owned Flixster service is already helping the studio distribute UltraViolet content, and has just signed a deal to enable UltraViolet on Panasonic HDTVs through the app.

Another company signing up to UltraViolet is Amazon, who has agreed to offer UltraViolet content via its digital network for an unspecified studio.

But while UltraViolet is gaining members, it may also lose an important one: Netflix. Sources have told CNET that Netflix has failed to renew its membership within the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem, the consortium charged with maintaining UltraViolet, and that the company has long ago removed itself from the decision making process over at DECE.


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