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New Firefox Add-on Defeats SOPA/PIPA DNS Filtering Before It Even Starts

Posted by: , 18:37 AEDT, Thu December 1, 2011

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The MAFIAAFire Team launches preemptive strike against SOPA/PIPA filtering by launching a new Firefox add-on that gets around the potential problem

A new Firefox add-on from the people behind MAFIAAFire Redirector and the Gee! No evil! Firefox add-ons have released a new one that will make the US government and the copyright lobby's DNS filtering pointless before it even begins.

The group MAFIAAFire has released a new add-on called The Pirate Bay Dancing, which allows users to bypass any future proposed DNS/IP filtering by the government.

And despite the name, the add-on can be configured to "unblock" any website that has been filtered, and apart from allowing users to access their favourite download and file sharing websites, it can also be used in countries where the government censors the Internet for political reasons.

The name of the add-on probably comes from how it works, by randomly rotating, or "dancing", between thousands of proxies. Proxies would allow access to "banned" websites, while the random rotating makes it harder for blocked proxies to cause problems.

Using a graphic based on the movie Dirty Dancing, the slogan of the add-on is appropriately "Nobody puts (The Pirate Bay) in the corner".

However, if SOPA/PIPA is passed, tools like The Pirate Bay Dancing could become outlawed, even as Mozilla, who hosts the add-on for download, has so far resisted law enforcement attempts to get the previous MAFIAA Fire add-ons removed.


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