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Rumor: PS4 Arriving In 2012, Will Have Built-in 'Kinect' Like Full Body Motion Gaming

Posted by: , 17:39 AEST, Tue July 5, 2011
Tags: Gaming, PS3

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Is Sony bringing out the PS4 for a surprise 2012 launch? Taiwanese sources say that not only is this true, the PS4 will copy Kinect's gaming system too

It might just be crazy enough to be true. A Taiwanese manufacturer is claiming that Sony is going to surprise the market with the PS4 in 2012, and in what will certainly make Microsoft angry, the PS4 will have a 'Kinect' like motion system built right in.

The source of the story also told Digitimes that Foxconn and Pegatron will be the the companies tasked with producing up to 20 million PS4 consoles in 2012, with production to begin at the end of this year.

And despite Sony thumbing their nose at Microsoft Kinect's controller-less, full body motion system, attacking it for lack of accuracy, the same source says that the PS4 will not only support full body motion gaming, it will have it built right into the console.

Sensible advice would be to take this story with a grain, make that a handful, of salt, as if true, this would be one of the stealthiest new console launches of all time, with absolutely no noise being made by Sony at last month's E3 expo about a new home based console.


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