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New Xbox 360 Slim Model Coming, New PS3 Model With PS2 Compatibility?

Posted by: , 19:39 AEST, Tue June 21, 2011

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New Xbox 360 and PS3 models promise better consoles, although some promised features may have been lost in translation

Microsoft is releasing an updated version of the Xbox 360 "Slim" that will run cooler and be cheaper to build. 

While no new features, or cosmetic changes are planned, the new Xbox 360 will move from a design where separate CPU/GPU and memory/IO chips are used, to a system-on-a-chip (SoC) design, by combining the CPU and GPU and memory into the same chip, manufactured using a 45nm process. This allows for cheaper manufacturing, and also has the added advantage of requiring less power, producing less heat, and only requiring one heatsink/fan.

And it seems Sony will be releasing some new PS3 models as well, with the model name CECH-3000B, and although no further information is available, the lighter console (from 3kg to 2.6kg) may also mean a similar hardware redesign.

But one interesting inclusion courtesy of a badly translated Japanese product information page may be PS2 compatibility, but it appears it was just that, a bad translation. Running the page through Google Translate appears to state, in badly translated English, "This product, "PlayStation 2" are having a compatibility with proprietary software." 

But using the more accurate babylon translator yields something a bit more meaningful, "This product [don't have compatibility with the software for exclusive use of 2] Play Station.]"

So that's a no on PS2 compatibility then, which is a shame since with the PS2 end of life occurring soon, or not soon enough, having PS2 compatibility back would be a great selling point for the PS3.


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