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Latest Kinect Mod Lets You Control PS3, Play Games

Posted by: , 14:04 AEDT, Tue March 22, 2011

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Want to control your PS3 and play games without using a controller? Sony hasn't made a device for it yet, but an enterprising hacker has made Microsoft's Kinect work on the PS3

Kinect hacker Shantanu Goel has revealed a new hack that allows Microsoft's motion sensing controller to be used on rival Sony's PS3.

In a move (no pun intended) that might get Microsoft angry, a video has sprang up on YouTube showing the hack in action. Microsoft has so far been supportive of Kinect hacking, and even plans to release an official developer's kit for hackers later in the year, but by bringing full body motion controls to a bitter rival in the PS3, this might be one hack too far.

In any case, Goel's hack already allows the PS3 XMB to be controlled with hand gestures, and can even launch and play games. However, the code is very much still an early-alpha, although it is now available to download for anyone to use, with the needed instructions to get everything started.

Post your comments on this news story, and see a video of the hack in action, in this forum thread:

Download the hack and read the installation instructions here:


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