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PS3 3.56 Firmware Bricking Consoles?

Posted by: , 12:42 AEDT, Wed February 2, 2011

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The latest PS3 firmware may be bricking Slim consoles with upgraded HDDs

Reports are coming in that people with newer models of the PS3 Slim, and who have upgraded the hard-drive in the console, are experiencing "The data is corrupted" errors which prevent their PS3s from working again.

Sony designed the PS3 to allow users to upgrade the hard-drive themselves, without voiding the warranty. 

But it appears the latest firmware, which was released to combat the recent leak of the master key for the console. As expected, the latest firmware has already been cracked and Sony's latest security efforts were easily defeated (something that can't be avoided unless Sony issues new hardware), but the side-effects of the patch appears to be causing problems for those that didn't even install the custom firmware.

When people with the affected Slim models (with upgraded HDDs) install the firmware, they are told that their hard-drive is corrupt. Those that choose to reformat and wipe out all data are then left with "The data is corrupted" errors and a console that doesn't work.

For these users, the only solution is to wait for firmware 3.57 and hope that Sony issues a fix. Or to put back the original hard-drive.

See a video of the error and post your comments in this forum thread:


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