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Kinect: Injuries and Arrests

Posted by: , 12:33 AEDT, Wed January 19, 2011

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From breaking your foot from, to getting arrested for it, playing Xbox 360 Kinect has never been so dangerous

Just like when the Wii first became a hit, people are now complaining about Kinect related injuries, with the "Kinect Fail" meme proving to be popular on website sharing websites such as YouTube

A Sports Scientist in Australia is even warning gamers to warm up before playing, and for those over 40 to have medical exams before any rigorous activity, to check for signs of heart and respiratory problems.

A woman in Colorado even made the news when she broke her foot playing Kinect. "I've made it 35 years without ever breaking anything ... I just came down wrong on my foot and it snapped," 35 year old Nikki Harding told KKTV in Colorado.

And to add insult to injury, police in Sweden nearly arrested six people for the crime of playing Kinect!

Police received reports from neighbours that five people were apparently beating up a woman, and when they went to investigate, it turns out it was just Johansson and his five friends playing Kinect. "Things turned awkward when police showed up and wondered who was getting beaten, we felt rather stupid sitting there in the couch," Johannson told reporters.

The police were apologetic for the misunderstanding, but stressed the seriousness of real domestic dispute. "Luckily they were just having fun with video games."

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