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New Technology Makes Blu-ray Even More High Def

Posted by: , 12:55 AEDT, Thu January 13, 2011

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A new technology was unveiled at the CES that claims to dramatically improve details of even 1080p Blu-ray movies

A new technology called DarbeeVision aims to further improve upon the sharpness of 1080p Blu-ray movies. The system, announced at CES, will be available as a set top box that sits between your Blu-ray player and your TV.

DarbeeVision works by analyzing each frame of the picture, and then creating two more images out of the frame. And then, through picture analysis, creates a kind of drop shadow that integrates back into the original frame, and "tricks" the brain into thinking there's more detail than before. And unlike simply increasing the sharpness setting on your TV, DarbeeVision selectively sharpens the image, while avoiding the introduction of more video noise.

The DarbeeVision has a retail price of $1,500, but because the technology used is actually quite cheap ("18 cents" for the silicon, claims the inventor of the system, Paul Darbee), it will be available for much cheaper in the near future, including the ability to embed the technology directly into HDMI cables to connect your Blu-ray player to your TV. The HDMI cable with DarbeeVision is set to retail for a much more reasonable $150.

To see some side by side comparison pictures of the DarbeeVision process, head on to this thread in our forum:


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