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Star Wars Coming To Blu-ray: September 2011

Posted by: , 13:33 AEDT, Fri January 7, 2011
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George Lucas has officially announced the release date for Star Wars on Blu-ray, to be available before the end of September 2011

A short time from now, on store shelves not too far far away, Star Wars will finally be available on Blu-ray.

Announced by Darth Vader at CES 2011, all six Star Wars films will be available in September, and each of the two trilogy can also be purchased separately (there are no plans to release each movie individually on Blu-ray).

The six movie "Complete Saga" pack also includes three additional discs full of extra features, and some never before seen footage from deleted and alternate scenes. The two trilogy packs will not include these discs.

The official retail price for the Complete Saga is $139.99, with the two trilogy 3-disc packs available for $69.99 each. Amazon are already taking pre-orders, at lower prices, for all three packs.

Update: Amazon now has a solid release date of 27 September 2011.

Discuss the release of Star Wars on Blu-ray in our forum, and see video of the launch as well as the announcement trailer:

Pre-order from Amazon:


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