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TorrentSpy Ordered to Pay MPAA $110 million

Posted by: , 16:36 AEST, Thu May 8, 2008
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Torrent site TorrentSpy has been ordered by a court to pay the MPAA $110 million in damages

TorrentSpy ClosedTorrentSpy the bit-torrent website that was forced to close last month, has been hit with more devestating news. U.S. District Court Judge Florence-Marie Cooper has now ordered the company to pay the MPAA $110 million dollars in damages due to copyright infringement.

It is unlikely that the MPAA will received such amounts, as the owners of the now closed website is unlikely to be able to afford the amount specified. Justin Bunnell and Wes Parker, owners of TorrentSpy, have already filled for bankruptcy. But the damages amount will serve as a warning for other bit-torrent sites and the MPAA will have received exactly what it wanted out of the court case: a precedent for future court cases and a PR victory.

More information: Hollywood Reporter


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