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WinDVD 9 Released

Posted by: , 14:04 AEDT, Wed March 19, 2008

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WinDVD 9 has just been released, and Blu-ray (as well as HD DVD) playback is now available

Corel has just released WinDVD 9. This is Corel's first WinDVD release since they purchased Intervideo, and all eyes are on how well this version of WinDVD performs compared to the last version, which was "problematic" at best.

WinDVD 9: All2HD

WinDVD 9 now comes in 3 versions. WinDVD 9 Standard has the usual DVD playback that you would expect. WinDVD 9 Plus adds various HD video (except for Blu-ray/HD DVD) playback functions, such as the new "All2HD", which upscales all video content to HD and full AVCHD support (think of AVCHD as a mini Blu-ray on DVDs). It also adds DTS 6ch support and H.264/VC-1 playback.

WinDVD 9

WinDVD 9: All2HD

But for the ultimate WinDVD experience, you need "WinDVD 9 Plus Blu-ray". Along with all the features of the other WinDVD 9 versions, as the name suggests, Blu-ray (and HD DVD) playback is added, with full Profile 1.1 compliance and full interactivity support (BD-J and HDi). The new audio codecs, such as DTS-HD, Dolby TrueHD, are all supported as well.

For more information on WinDVD 9, please refer to our WinDVD 9 Software Information Page. A full review of WinDVD 9 is now available!


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