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Posted by: , 16:53 AEST, Fri July 28, 2006

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A new free service to trade and sell your unwanted discs's Swap Meet has just launched its new Swap Meet service.'s Swap Meet allows you to trade and sell your unwanted discs to other user using their private messaging system - no need to share your email address with others unless you choose to - and it's all free of charge.

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Using's DVD/UMD/Blu-ray/HD DVD database, you will be able to quickly set up and start trading and selling your unwanted discs without having to enter the details of each and every disc (assuming the disc is in the database, and if it is not, you can easily add it in). also allows you to create an online disc collection list, wish list and any other type of list you wish (private or public). The database of 10,000 movies and 22,000 detailed DVD entries also includes DVD easter eggs, movie clips (some in HD, DVD VOB) and advanced search functions.'s Swap Meet was only launched yesterday, so there aren't any traders and seller as yet. Sign up today and be one of the first to start trading and selling on Swap Meet.


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