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Oracle changes prices to reflect multicore chips

Posted by: , 18:57 AEDT, Tue December 20, 2005
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Oracle on Monday effectively reduced its prices for database software licenses tied to multicore microprocessors to reflect the growing use of the powerful chips among its customers.

With chipmakers now producing multicore microprocessors that produce faster performance, Oracle switched its pricing so customers would not have to pay more money to run the same amount of database software.

"As technology evolves, we have adapted our licensing models to accommodate these changes," Oracle Vice President Jacqueline Woods said.

Licensing by processor is one of a number of ways Oracle charges its customers. The world's largest database software company also licenses its products by employee or per user.

Under the new model, customers pay a reduced price for multicore processors as chipmakers deliver an increasing number of the more powerful chips.

Oracle said it changed its pricing policy following the recent advancement in multicore processors from chipmakers such as Advanced Micro Devices, IBM, Intel and Sun Microsystems. Credit: CNet News


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