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Technology News: WMV9 Streaming DVD players

Posted by: , 12:05 AEDT, Fri March 19, 2004
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Sigma Designs has just announced that it is working on a standalone DVD player that can stream online movies ...
Sigma Designs has just announced that it is working on Internet streaming technology for standalone DVD players, working together with KiSS Technology (the maker of the first ever DivX standalone player) and CinemaNow (a company specializing in IP-based video-on-demand technology). With this new technology, DVD players will be able to connect online to the CinemaNow video-on-demand service and playback near-DVD quality movies in the WMV9 format.

With the increase in the number of standalone DVD players featuring DivX/WMV/MP3/WMA playback, DVI/HDMI output and now, online movie streaming, it seems the gap between home computing and home electronics just got closer.

You can read the full press release here.


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