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Software News: 5 software updates

Posted by: , 21:04 AEDT, Sun February 5, 2006

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Quite a few updates today. DGMPGDec 1.4.6 has gone gold, but there doesn't appear to be any changes from the release candidate version. EasyMPEG Lite has been updated as well - it is a freeware version of the MPEG/VCD/SVCD/DVD editing tool EasyMPEG MX.

MeD's Movie Manager has been updated as well, and the major addition is the support for MySQL and more info fields. The full change log is on the software page. myTheatre has been updated as well. The new version adds IVR renderer aspect ratios 16:10 and 5:4, will now switch to DVD mode if playback is from video_ts folder and some bug fixes.

Last but not least, Project X adds optional export as UTF8 text for Teletext, optional changing of display mode and picture position for subpicture ES demux, pre-processing of new relookŪ file format (incl. teletext) and a bunch of other changes and fixes.

  • DGMPGDec 1.4.6 released - A MPEG-1/2 decoder and framesever, designed to fix faults with DVD2AVI and MPEG2DEC

  • EasyMPEG Lite 3.2.2 (Build 27) released - A MPEG editing and VCD/SVCD authoring tool

  • MeD's Movie Manager 2.31 released - A free software to manage your movie collection with IMDB support

  • myTheatre 3.33.7 released - A Home Theater PC software designed for satellite TV, radio and playing back multimedia files

  • Project X released - A demultiplexing and video repair tool for MPEG-2/DVB transport streams

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