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Software News: DGMPGDec, DVDSubEdit and ProgDVB

Posted by: , 17:16 AEDT, Mon January 9, 2006

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A new beta version of DGMPGDec has been released. The new version now sets a more framerate for Avisynth by using the exact fractional representation for fps_numerator/fps_denominator, fixed a hang when the CLI -HIDE option is used and the input file cannot be opened, video overlay is now not claimed when the -HIDE or -MINIMIZE CLI options are used and some other changes as well.

DVDSubEdit has been updated with another beta as well. The new version now lets you defined a designated area(s) for which the subtitles will be displayed, a new check box to only select modified subtitles and improves the SPU slider behavior when selecting various streams.

The new version of ProgDVB fixes a very important bug in the subtitle module.

  • DGMPGDec 1.4.6 beta 3 released - A MPEG-1/2 decoder and framesever, designed to fix faults with DVD2AVI and MPEG2DEC

  • DVDSubEdit 0.71 Beta released - A tool that allows you to visually modify DVD subtitles directly within VOB files

  • ProgDVB 4.71.1 released - A DVB-S (satellite) playback software supporting cards with hardware playback for television and radio broadcasts

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