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Software News: myTheatre and ProgDVB Updated

Posted by: , 20:27 AEST, Sat October 29, 2005

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A new version of myTheatre has been released. The new version adds ATSC support (no EPG support as yet), DVD subtitles switch shortcut now works in Live mode as well, remote control support for Twinhan VP7041/42/20/21/45/46 and a few other updates and fixes.

There is also a new version of ProgDVB, which remakes the DirectShow portion of the software, updates the Pinnacle, TS reader, Pid Recorder modules and offers a few bug fixes.

  • myTheatre 3.32 released - A Home Theater PC software designed for satellite TV, radio and playing back multimedia files

  • ProgDVB 4.62.1 released - A DVB-S (satellite) playback software supporting cards with hardware playback for television and radio broadcasts

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