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Software News: Audio2VCD/BeLight/DGMPGDec/VCDEasy

Posted by: , 16:38 AEST, Mon September 19, 2005

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A new beta version of BeLight is available - the new version (an Unicode version) adds more language support, support for Dimzon Framework, many updates and bug fixes.

A new release candidate version of DGMPGDec is also available. The new version fixes "Decode AC3 to WAV" for tracks 2 to 8, Fix D2V is now run automatically and the D2V file is repaired and The right arrow key can now be used to single step in play/preview mode if the playback speed is set to Single Step.

There is also a new version of VCDEasy - the full changelog can be found here. Also from delphi stuff, Audio2VCD is a commercial tool for producing audio VCD/SVCDs that can contain up to 4 hours of CD quality music on a single CD-R.

  • Audio2VCD 1.0.1 added - Convert your audio files into the MPEG Audio format required by the VideoCDs (VCD, SVCD)

  • BeLight 0.22 Beta 7 released - A simple and easy GUI for BeSweet

  • DGMPGDec 1.4.4 RC 1 released - A MPEG-1/2 decoder and framesever, designed to fix faults with DVD2AVI and MPEG2DEC

  • VCDEasy 3.1.0 released - A software that allows you to easily author VCD/SVCD

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