Big Fish Free Games and Discount Coupon Codes - updated 18 June 2010

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Big Fish Free Games and Discount Coupon Codes – updated 18 June 2010

Big Fish publishes lots of smaller downloadable games that are still heaps of fun. They will give away some games from their collection from time to time, and I have collected a few freebies right here, as well as some discount coupon codes:

Haunted Hotel – Email registration required

Mystery Case Files: Huntsville – Use coupon code HUNTSVILLE99 to get the game for 35 cents

Unwell Mel – Use coupon code UNWELL99 to get the game for 99 cents

Megaplex Madness: Now Playing – Use coupon code 99MEGAPLEX to get the game for 99 cents

Two more free games – Courtesy of Borders book stores

Two free games and 50% off Mystery Case Files: Huntsville – Courtesy of Verbatim

Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst – Use coupon code FREERAVEN to get the game for free {NEW}

Choose One of Five Free Games – Add one of these games to your cart:

And then use coupon code PLAYFIRST5GAME to get the game for free {NEW}

For the free games that require coupons, here are the instructions:

  1. Click on the “Buy Now” button to buy the game
  2. Enter the coupon code (and remove the “Backup CD” option)
  3. Continue with checkout and get your free/discounted game download Free Games

You can also get one of four games for free if you send a free e-card from Just go to this page (or get there from’s home page, click on E-Cards, search for “E-Cards with Free Games” on the left and click on that). Send the e-card to yourself (or a friend, if you want them to get the free game). Watch the e-card that’s been sent to your (or your friend’s) email, and when it ends, a link will appear that links to a page to get your free game (you need to enter your email address again – the free game voucher code will be sent to this email address).

Free Game with Big Fish Toolbar Download

If you download the free Big Fish toolbar, you can get the game “Treasure Seekers: Visions of Gold” for free. Simply go to this page and follow the instructions to get your free game.

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