DivX on PS3, Free Xbox 360 Stuff and Fall Update

PlayStation 3As you would have heard by now (or read, on our news front page), DivX is coming to the PS3. The precise details are unknown at the moment (for example, will DivX Ultra be supported? The PS3 is definitely powerful enough to play these advanced DivX with menu files). When this update is coming, again, is an unknown.

Following earlier statements from the CEO of DivX Inc, it appears DivX on the Xbox 360 is in the works too. Whether it will be included in the December 4th Fall Update, that’s unknown at the moment. Hmm … that’s a lot of unknowns.

What is known, however, is that the Fall Update for the Xbox 360 will include downloadable Xbox games for $15 a pop. Previously, the only way you could obtain Xbox games for the 360 is to buy used copies. Looking at how well the PS2 is still selling, perhaps Microsoft should have continued on the Xbox as a budget console for a bit longer (but then again, looking at how the PS3 is selling, perhaps the PS3 is competing not only against the 360, but also the PS2 as well).

CarcassonneIt’s also the five year anniversary of Xbox Live. There are a couple of free gamer pics and themes in the Marketplace for you to download. Also, for the 15th and 16th only (US EST), you can download the Live Arcade title Carcassonne for free. I’ve downloaded this puzzle game, and it’s quite fun and addictive. Users that have been with Live since 2002 will also get 500 free Marketplace points as a reward. I like free stuff.


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