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NVDVD 2.0 Overall result

NVDVD is a quality player with some very good features, in particular the capturing and zooming functions. Although video and audio quality is not the best around, it is more than adequate for normal or casual usage. It's pricing, being lower than most other DVD software players, makes it extremely attractive, although those looking for better audio support (eg. DTS) will have to look elsewhere. Overall a good all around player with many good features - it should give the powerhouses of the software DVD player market, PowerDVD and WinDVD, a run for their money.

PowerDVD and WinDVD Comparison Table
Video Audio Features Value Final Rating
Quality Performance Support * Quality Support * Captions Capture Interface OS Zoom   (percentage)
NVDVD 2.0 B+ B+ A A B B+ A+ A A A B+ 88%

Note : the ratings above are relative ratings (ratings relative to other reviewed software), not absolute ratings. Players reviewed are the most featured versions of each respective player (eg. PowerDVD Deluxe and WinDVD Platinum with Audio Booster and Mobile Technology add-ons).
* Support - support for acceleration

System Requirements

Processor : PII-400 (without HWMC*)

Graphics card : DirectX 8.x compatible chips

Memory : 32 MB

Sound card : 48kHz PCI recommended

DVD-ROM drive : 1x or better DVD-ROM drive

Operating system : Windows 9x/Me/2000/XP

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