Page 2 of 2: Basic AVI to DVD conversion using TMPGEnc+ (including Audio Sync Correction)

How to correct audio sync with TMPGenc

NOTE: This method ONLY applies to files that have audio out of sync with the video THE SAME AMOUNT at any given point of the clip. This method will not work if your audio gradually gets more and more out of sync as the file plays.

Double click "source range" from STEP 5 of this guide,

This screen will pop up.

Enter the appropriate value under "under gap correct". It can be a positive value such as 500, or a neg value such as -500. The number represents milliseconds (1/1000th of a sec), so a value of 500 would be 1/2 a second, 1000, one second and so on. In relation to the video, if the audio is too EARLY you enter a NEGATIVE value. If it's too LATE you enter a POSITIVE value. Click OK and carry on the rest of your encoding steps as usual.

From using this many times i can successfully notice and correct sync issues down to 3/10ths of a second. The main thing is to determine if it's early or late, using peoples lips aren't good if you want real accuracy, choose sudden sounds, such as a hammer being hit or something like that, or someone knocking on a door. It will take trial and error untill you figure out the correct value, in time you can get it right the first time almost always from a little experience.



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