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Setting Up Media Sharing using TVersity

We've changed the format of the guide as to merge all the TVersity setup instructions in the TVersity Setup Guide, so you should now refer to this tutorial on how to set up DivX/XviD media sharing using TVersity for the Xbox 360. Once you're done with that tutorial, come back here continue with the rest of the instructions.

Connecting to TVersity from the Xbox 360

We finally move to the Xbox 360. This tutorial assumes you've already setup the Xbox 360 for network and Internet connections.

Go to the "My Xbox" section, go to the "Video Library" (or Music, Photo Library) and press "A" to enter. This should take you to the "Select Source" screen, select the TVersity enabled PC that you want to connect to. If TVersity isn't listed here, then you may need to refer to the Troubleshooting section of the TVersity Setup Guide.

Xbox 360: Video Library

Xbox 360: Select Source

This should now connect to your TVersity share folder, so navigate around and find the video file you want to play, just like any other media file for the Xbox 360. Couldn't be any simpler, really.

Xbox 360: Select File

Xbox 360: Playback

TVersity also shared pictures and audio files, and you can browse for those as well if you added them into the TVersity sharing section. Audio and image playback should be much more compatible than video playback, so you shouldn't run into any problems there.

We're done :)

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