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Step 5: Video Encoding Options

We'll now set up the H.264 encoding options in the x264 encoder. This step has the most options to configure, and too many to cover in this guide alone. What I'll recommend is to use one of Sharktooth's profiles, and if you need further explanation of the options, refer to our x264 Options Explained article.

In the MeGUI "Input" section, select one of the "x264" profiles for the "Encoder setting" option. We do not need to set a container as we will do that later using the "AutoEncode" function.

MeGUI: Video

As for which profile to select, a full explanation of what each profile is used for can be found on the official forum thread for the profiles. The "standalone" set of profiles offer the most compatibility with standalone players, like Blu-ray players or even game consoles like the PS3 or Xbox 360. You can click on the "Config" button to manually configure each profile, although it's not necessarily unless you know what you're doing.



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