Adding Tags to AVI files

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Date Added: Mar 30, 2002
Date Updated: Mar 30, 2002

To make your AVI/DivX files more professional looking, we can add in Title/Comment/Copyright info to it that is visible when your right click on the AVI/DivX file and go to the "Details" section.

Before adding info
AVI Tags
After adding info
AVI Tags
AVI info in Windows Media Player

To add these info, we'll need a tool called Total AVI Tags Editor :
  1. Load in your AVI file using the "Open" button (or press CTRL+O)

  2. Go to the Primary Tags and Additional tags section and start adding tags to your heart's content

  3. When you are finished, press the "Save" button (or press CTRL+S)

  4. Done !!

Total AVI Tags Editor

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