Download Classic Games for the PC Free

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Download Classic Games for the PC Free

Major game companies don’t hesitate to charge an arm and a leg for new releases, with most launching around $60 these days. You may not be aware but there is quite a few older commercial titles freely available, just waiting to be downloaded. Dozens of old school favorites like Doom, GTA, Command & Conquer, Fallout, etc. can be had totally free.

Here is a few of the most popular games:

See the whole list here.

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2 Responses to “Download Classic Games for the PC Free”

  1. Anonymous says:

    As an update to this post, to make matters worse, Hollywood has deemed HD analog too much of a danger to allow, and so from the beginning of 2011, newly manufactured Blu-ray players are no longer allowed to output HD via analog (it will be limited to 540p):

    Old players are not affected, so hang on to those or you’ll need to buy a brand new TV.

    By 2013, no Blu-ray player is allowed to even have analog output any more.

    It begs the question: does Hollywood want us to buy movies or not, or do they want up to download pirated copies that don’t have these restrictions!

  2. r4 cards says:

    The wonder-full gift for all video game players is only to give free download of video game to their PC. So this will impress them very easily.

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