New Section: Amazon Blu-ray Price Index

Regular readers of my Weekly News Roundup should be aware that I’ve been working on this new secret addition to Digital Digest. Well, the secret is out, and the Amazon Blu-ray Price Index section is now online: 

So what is it exactly? In short, it’s another way to search for Blu-ray movies to buy on Why do you need it? Well, the way the search function works on Amazon, it is actually hard to sort discs by prices, or to filter in/out discs based on prices. The Amazon Blu-ray Price Index allows you to do all of these things, plus more:

  • Sort Blu-ray discs by price
  • Search for Blu-ray discs that are higher/lower than a certain price
  • See Blu-ray pricing history to determine when’s the best time to buy
  • Find Blu-ray discs with the biggest discounts (off retail pricing), or with recent price drops
  • Integration with our Deals & Freebies section so you see all the Blu-ray sales on offer at any one time at a quick glance

The new section uses data from Amazon and to ensure the latest pricing data and disc information (obviously, prices change quite often on Amazon, so there will be minor discrepancies). Basically I thought at one point it would be nice to be able to see all Blu-ray discs that were under $10 and was surprised that Amazon didn’t really have the search functions that would give me accurate results, and so that’s why I set out to build this new section to see if it could be done. 

And yes, it could be done 🙂


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