ATI Catalyst 9.1 out – new ATI Video Converter version

Can’t talk for long. Heatwave here in Melbourne, power might go out, or my computer might explode in the 42 C temperature (107 F).

Just wanted to say that a new ATI Catalyst driver version is now available, the new ATI Video Converter version (also 9.1) is available here. Except the link might be broken for ATI Video Converter, so here are the direct links:

XP (32 or 64-bit) Version

Vista (32-bit) Version

I’ve had a brief play with it, and GPU-Z tells me that the acceleration has improved, and instead of intermittent usage of the GPU, it’s now fairly constant (around 20%). I might have to wait until this evening, or when the heatwave is over, before I can test it in more detail.

Update: Upon further testing, there does not seem to be any improvements. In fact, things seemed worse on some occasions. By all means update to the latest version, but ATI Video Converter is still not using the GPU as much as it should be.


3 Responses to “ATI Catalyst 9.1 out – new ATI Video Converter version”

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  2. dr_ml422 Says:

    Admin do you still suggest upgrading to this latest version of the ATI Driver even though the one I have now is not giving me any problems? Granted though I opt for option 2 which is just the basic driver for now as I’m not gaming as of now. Thnx.

  3. DVDGuy Says:

    I just usually install, and if it makes something worse, you can easily go back to an older driver.

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