My PS3 just broke: The Next Generation – Part 2

Just got my PS3 back again. So far so good as I couldn’t see any external damage (like the last one), and early uses suggest that at least the wireless controller/remote problem hasn’t happened yet. The XMB not loading quickly problem also isn’t present, which I’m beginning to think might be related to the wireless problem.

More will be posted here in due time.

Update (9th November): Well, it looks like this replacement PS3 seems to be alright. No wireless controller drop outs, no Blu-ray playback problems, no hanging before loading the XMB. It has 2.43 firmware installed by Sony tech support, but I haven’t upgraded it to 2.52 yet until I’m convinced that it doesn’t break more stuff. There have been reports though of the same problem as my original PS3 (drive no longer reads any discs after firmware update), though that may have been people using pre 2.40 fw updating straight to 2.52 (and thus inheriting any problems brought on by 2.42). I’m starting to wonder though if the actual firmware updating process, not the firmware itself, is to blame for the disc reading problem, because that’s two firmware releases now where people have complained about the same problem happening. Sony need to come out and say something I think, because it’s too much of a coincidence for so many people to have exactly the same problem occur immediately after firmware updates.


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