New Huge Blu-ray sale at Amazon?

There have been reports (and here too) that Amazon is doing a 3 for 2 deal on *all* Blu-ray movies. That’s right, all Blu-ray movies (or at least a very large list of them). Some people who have ordered but not given the discount have contacted Amazon customer support and received them (see the forum threads I linked to).

If you’ve ordered 3 or more titles in the last day or so, it might be worthwhile to contact Amazon to see if you can get the discount applied (can’t hurt). If you want to join in the fun now, use this link to get to the Amazon Blu-ray portal and start shopping (be warned though, the promotion is said to last until October 1st, but you are taking a risk if the discount doesn’t show up at checkout – contacting CS may bring you the discount or it may not).

Update: Amazon has corrected their “error”, and you can no longer join in on this free for all (well “1 free per 2 buys” for all). Apparently, they sent out the wrong link for their current 3 for 2 promotion, and instead of linking to the proper page, they linked to the main Amazon/Blu-ray page or something, so hence they had to take a loss and honor all Blu-ray titles for the 3-for-2 deal, not just the 30+ titles that it was originally supposed to cover. Hope you managed to bag a bargain or two while the fun still lasted.


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    […] was also a bit desperate was Amazon’s attempt to run a run-of-the-mill 3 for 2 promotion, but a misplaced link in a newsletter and they ended up having to honor all Blu-ray titles at Amazon as part of the 3 for 2. Ouch […]

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