My PS3 just broke – Final

Good news! My refurbished PS3 arrived today, and I’ve hooked it up and tested it to make sure it works. I even finished watching Memento, although I feel like I’m the one with the memory loss as I try to make sense of the story.

So the whole story (in the right order, of course) is that I sent in my PS3 on the 10th, Sony acknowledged that they received it a exactly week later. 2 days after that, on the 19th, I received an email from Sony that my PS3 was being sent out. And the PS3 arrived at my home on the 22nd, which is today. So overall, a 12 day turnaround, or basically 7 business days including today. Not bad. Again just to stress this has only been my experience, and at best, only applies to people in Australia. Some will receive their PS3 even quicker, while others will have to wait a lot longer.

So is firmware 2.42 to blame? The interesting thing is that the refurbished PS3 returned with firmware 2.41 installed. Why would Sony stop at 2.41, and not install 2.42 into the refurbished PS3, even though 2.42 has been available for nearly 2 month now. Then there’s the comment that a user called “ryan” posted in the blog comments for my original “My PS3 just broke” post, which suggests that Sony has confirmed 2.42 is to blame and that 2.5 will fix the problem. More on that if it’s true, and maybe this isn’t the final part of this story just yet…


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