My PS3 just broke – Part 3

Just a small update on what’s going on with my broken PS3. I sent it out as instructed last Friday, and I received an email from Sony that they have received the PS3 on Wednesday (yesterday). They also said that there is a wait of up to to 10 business day for the replacement to be sent out, and then a couple of more days for it to be delivered to my house. So it’s looking like about 3 to 4 weeks in total, which isn’t too bad, but compared to the 8 day turnaround (6 business days) of my Xbox 360 RRoD repair, it’s not the best. I think Microsoft used a courier service but Sony relies on the postal system to send/deliver the console, so what would have been two business day round-trip is now a¬†one and half week affair. The 10 business day turnaround also seems a bit long, considering Microsoft actually repaired the same console I sent them, whereas Sony is providing a refurbished one (they should have ready to ship reburb’d consoles just sitting there waiting to be sent out, so it shouldn’t take that long). Hopefully, that’s just a conservative timeline, and I will get my PS3 back sooner.

To be continued …

Update (Friday, 19 September): Got an email from Sony that my PS3 is being returned to me by registered post. So with luck, I should get it back on Monday!


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