Nero Vision 5 Guide Added

I’ve just finished updating the Nero Vision 4 DVD authoring guide for Nero Vision 5. Large parts of the guide remain unchanged, which says a lot about how much has really changed in Nero Vision 5. The section that is changed the most is the menu creation section, which to be honest, seems a bit more complicated than before, although perhaps a little bit more powerful with the “Advanced Editing” mode.

The new 2D, animated and 3D templates are nice, and should be enough for most common usages and can be customized effectively. Otherwise, it’s pretty much the same old Nero Vision with the same old problems as before (read our DVD authoring tool roundup for the pros and cons).

Read the Nero Vision 5 DVD Authoring Guide.


2 Responses to “Nero Vision 5 Guide Added”

  1. EJB Says:

    The new menu system is more powerful “but” very limited unluss I missed something. The smallest feature that you would expect to have, which would be the ability to change font “colors” in the 3D menu is non-existent.

  2. John Says:

    I Like The New Menu & The Way You Can Create Store Bought DVD Menus. Like A Play Button To Play The Movie Or Something Like Scene Select to select What Chapter You’d like to Start From. But, I Don’t Like That I Can’t Create My Own DVD Buttons Like I Could In The Old Nero Vision. What I Mean Is In The Old One All You Needed To Do Was Change What You Didn’t Want To Green Or Red, Green For Showing The Movie & Red to show Your Background. The Nero Company Won’t Answer My Question on Where To Get The Program or Software They Use So I Can Create These Personal DVD Buttons.

    If Any1 Out There Had Success In Making A DVD Menu Button That Shows What You Want Where You Want It Please Blog It Here. If I Can’t Find A Way To Do It Or Find Some1 Else Who Has I’m Going Back To Nero Vision 4 🙁

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