Expired: Buy More Save More on Blu-ray @ Amazon

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Expired: Buy More Save More on Blu-ray @ Amazon

Amazon has launched a new “Buy More Save More” sale. This type of sale works by giving you set discounts once you purchase a certain number of discs. In this case, buy 3 discs to save $20, buy 6 discs to save $50 and buy 10 discs from the list of 40 to save $100.

The sale consists of Disney, Miramax and ABC movies and shows, and as mentioned above, there are 40 to choose from. Prices start from $24.49, which is a bit higher than normal, but once you work in the savings, it comes to about $14.49 per disc assuming you buy 10 discs at $24.49 each. $15 is an excellent price  for most of these titles, including Sleeping Beauty, the Pirates of the Caribbean triology, Cars, Ratatouille, The Queen and more.

You can access this sale here.

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