Cheap Blu-ray’s at

I’ve been doing some research on (not window shopping, despite what other people might say), and I noticed that one of my favourite childhood movies, Short Circuit, was available on Blu-ray (pre-order) for only $10.95. That’s an amazing price for a Blu-ray movie. So I decided to see if there are any other cheap Blu-ray discs available for sale on I eventually found about two dozen titles that are priced under $15, not the greatest selection, and I’m sure there are more on Amazon, but it’s a start.

Amazon supports making wish lists, so I’ve placed these titles into a Cheap Blu-ray’s wish list, so I will be able to update it whenever I find something of good value.

Update: I guess the word got out and Short Circuit’s price was raised to $13.95. You’ve got to be really quick with these things!


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