Blu-ray, HD DVD Buyer’s Guide – Now available

Lately, I’ve received more and more questions regarding either HD formats. It seems more and more “average Joe” types are starting to get interested in HD movies, which is not that surprising considering the amount of public attention (on the Internet, anyway) that the format war has been gathering, as well as the price war that is going on (I’m sure a lot of people heard about the $99 HD DVD player sale from a month or two ago).

Now normally, I would just refer people to my High Definition DVD FAQ – my goal in behind writing this FAQ was so that I didn’t have to answer the same old questions again and again. But as the FAQ was written a long time ago, before you could even buy into Blu-ray or HD DVD, it does not cover a lot on buying tips and such. And I don’t think this kind of FAQ should cover shopping tips anyway.

So with this in mind, I’ve decided to write a Blu-ray/HD DVD Buyer’s Guide. This short guide will cover these points:

  • Why you should want to buy into Blu-ray/HD DVD
  • Blu-ray vs HD DVD
  • Blu-ray buying tips
  • HD DVD buying tips
  • HD sound systems
  • Buying accessories
  • And more …

Update (26th December): I have now finished the guide, which you can read by clicking on the link below:

The Blu-ray and HD DVD Buyer’s Guide


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