Amazon HD DVD Discounts – 19 November 2007

Just a quick heads up on a new HD DVD sales that is now available on They are running a 47% sale on selected HD DVD titles which bring their prices down to $15.99. Still not great, but better than the regular prices in any case. The page containing the list of on sale items, and the complete list of on sale HD DVDs (in alphabetical order) is below: 47% Off HD DVD Sales Page

Assault on Precinct 13
Billy Madison
Dawn of the Dead (Unrated)
The Deer Hunter
End of Days
Friday Night Lights
Happy Gilmore
Meet the Parents
Mercury Rising
The Nutty Professor
Pitch Black (Unrated)
Shaun of the Dead
Van Helsing

There is also a special going on for the Toshiba range of HD DVD players, specifically the HD-A3 which now comes with 10 free HD DVD movies for $199:

Toshiba HD-A3 + 10 Free Movies: $199


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