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I’ve just finished writing another guide. Unlike the other articles I usually write, this one is not entirely about digital video. Instead, what I have done is to see if it is possible to set up a computer with only free software (Windows XP excepted), and what I have found is that not only is it possible, you actually end up with a great system.

This guide (creatively titled the “Free Software Guide”) starts with a new computer with only Windows XP (or Vista), and then recommends internet, security, file transfer, office/productivity, graphics, multimedia and even games – all are freeware or open source (apart from the ad-ware supported Eudora).

Long gone are a time when freeware meant software that looks bad and runs badly, with hardly any features. Today, freeware and open source sometimes represent the best of breed software, and your best choice even when commercial options are available. So take a look at our guide, which only really provides a small sample of all the free goodies out there, and save yourself a few hundred bucks in the process.


2 Responses to “Free Software Guide”

  1. Archie Says:

    Nice one LMG, didn’t know all thios about you, will give your blog further reading, when I’m not in work of course

  2. Archie Says:

    Jebus, my spelling is atrocious

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